Will the "Twisted Twins" direct the next film installment of the Merc With A Mouth?

Ever since it was announced that Deadpool director Tim Miller was no longer attached to Deadpool 2, speculation has run rampant over who would take the reins of what is now Fox's biggest mutant franchise.

Near the top of everybody's lists are Jen and Sylvia Soska. The "Twisted Twins" have built a growing fan base with horror films like See No Evil 2 and Dead Hooker In A Trunk.

In an exclusive interview, Sylvia Soska told philly.com/geek that the sisters would love to direct the sequel and let the Powers That Be know of their interest.

The Soskas are submitting their material, "our film, TV and comic work to Fox and to Ryan Reynolds' company as well," Sylvia Soska said. "I think they are looking at a lot of options, but we certainly have made a big commotion from our camp."

"But, understandably, this has become one of the biggest directing jobs in the world," she continued. "There's a lot of importance in this film because they are launching 'X-Force' from it, while staying true to the original film and character that spawned so much intense love across the globe."

Sylvia Soska described Deadpool 2 as a "dream project."

"Jen and I have been hardcore Deadpool fans for years," she said. "We wanted to direct the first film, but couldn't get a meeting to save our lives. We read that script and wanted so badly to be a part it. Didn't happen. Even though they shot in our hometown with a lot of our crew."

"The guy who shoots Deadpool up the ass on the bridge? That's our stunt coordinator-Kimani Smith from See No Evil 2 and Vendetta. The gentleman sitting beside Deadpool in the car is Nicholas Baric-who we worked with on Dead Hooker In A Trunk. He played one of the cops we tied up," she said. "The gentleman who played Bob is our stunt coordinator from American Mary. We also killed him in Vendetta."

Sylvia Soska said that the film's huge success had a lot to do with "brilliant marketing"-as well as a "perfect" portrayal by Ryan Reynolds. She also said that if there were "creative differences," Miller-despite his success-had to be the one to go.

"I totally understand what he (Reynolds) is doing to protect the character and the source material and that's exactly how it should be handled," she said. "As of now, no one has been given an offer-many directors around the scene are making their pleas for consideration. We're still hoping that Ryan's company takes a look at us.

"The truth is-it's the biggest movie in the world," she said. "Will they seriously the directors from Dead Hooker In A Trunk? I sure hope so. Even if this isn't an opportunity for us, I have no problem working to prove ourselves. Marvel is a big part of the people we grew up to be. We learned a lot of lessons being weird girls reading those books. Deadpool hit home for many people and I feel very lucky to exist in a world where we get live action films like this."

Sylvia Soska says she hopes the Twisted Twins' passion for the project will overcome the lack of a big-budget film on their resume, like Marvel Studios has done with Scott Derrickson, James Gunn and another sibling director duo, the Russo Brothers, who went from a cult TV show to the most important directors at Marvel Studios right now.

And if the Soskas have to wait until Deadpool 4, that's okay too.

"We won't ever not be passionate about directing a Deadpool film," she said. "We've been Marvel fans since we were young children-had some success in film, television and comics-and we've written two stories for Marvel. Writing Deadpool for Marvel is pretty much a life goal and we really don't mind putting in the time to prove ourselves."

"Basically, I know there are a lot of other options out there for directors, but there are very few with the same passion for the character inside and out," she said. "It would be cool to have two sets of eyes and be like - 'Hey, remember this comic with Cable? Maybe we can hint at some Cablepool for the hard core fans."