Game of Thrones fans may know star Kristian Nairn as Hodor. But with his beloved character's death on Season Six of the show (sorry, spoilers), the actor has been free to focus on other pursuits.

Namely, DJing. And soon, he's coming to Philly.

Nairn will be in town this week as part of the appropriately titled "Rave of Thrones," a live tour featuring music from Hodor himself, plus a few friends. The tour hits the Foundry on Saturday, and tickets are currently available at $20 each.

Sure, it might sound weird that someone we all know as a simple-minded (and now dead) stable boy of Winterfell is spinning some records, but the guy actually has some serious history. A native of Northern Ireland, Nairn formerly served as the house DJ of Kremlin, a popular gay club in Belfast, according to the actor's website. Nairn was not in Game of Thrones' fifth season, and he spent his hiatus from the show DJing Rave of Thrones events as well.

So, safe to say, this is not the Game of Thrones live concert that came through Philly earlier this year. It just might be a little more fun.

Nairn talked to Ellen Gray in 2016 about his character in advance of Season Six. "Hodor is a unique character — in some ways, a bit of comic relief and also some people call him the heart of the show. You know, a moral compass — no, he's not a moral compass, you can't be a moral compass and only say one word," he said.

He added later, "you need a bit of light sometimes. It's a very heavy show." The show was certainly heavy Sunday night.

Nairn released his latest single, "Bigger," this month. Listen to it here: