Earlier this month, Jimmy Fallon came to Philly with the Roots' Black Thought for a salmon cheesesteak dinner in one local family's home. And now, the Tonight Show host, like most Philadelphians, seems to have Wawa on the brain.

On Monday's episode of the Tonight Show, Fallon paid his respects to Philly's favorite convenience store chain by playing "Wawa Hoagies," a local viral track by Philadelphia rapper Aaron Out. Fallon played the song as part of "Do Not Play," a segment that highlights weird. funny music.

"Wawa is a popular convenience store in Philly. Do you guys know Wawa?" Fallon said to cheers before playing the song. He also riffed on rapper Out's name, joking that he should spell it "A'r N. Out" to add a little style.

Released in February last year, "Wawa Hoagies" quickly went viral in the Philadelphia area, and currently has more than 130,000 views on YouTube. The song, of course, is an ode to Wawa hoagies, and mostly involves Out choosing what kind of sandwich he should get from the store's deli.

"I'm eating Wawa hoagies, I'm eating Wawa hoagies," Out raps in the chorus. "I need a Wawa hoagie, should I get turkey, roast beef, or bologna?"

After Fallon played the song's chorus, Philly-born house band the Roots joined in with their own rendition, complete with vocals from the host and rapper Black Thought. Fallon even speculated that Out and Black Thought, real name Tariq Trotter, were the same person, which isn't true.

"It was surreal to see the Roots play along to it," Out told the Inquirer of his Tonight Show shoutout. "Black Thought is my favorite rapper, so I was in awe seeing him rap the chorus last night."

A 2011 Abington High School grad who is based out of East Falls, Out told Philadelphia magazine last year that he made the song on a whim. Each verse, he said, took about 20 minutes to complete.

Following the release of "Wawa Hoagies," Out actually went vegan, but used to regularly order a Turkey Classic when he went to Wawa. He has since dropped his veganism, but may return to a plant-based diet in the future.

"I tend to switch up my diet a lot," he says.