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Longtime couple's great sex life - is it more than luck?

I have come to the realization that I have something special and rare.

Q: After many, many years of being together, my husband and I not only love each other, we are still

in love

with each other. We are openly affectionate with each other and enjoy being together. This often draws questions from my women friends on how we manage it. It's not hard, really. We are open and honest in every aspect of our lives. Especially our sex lives. We communicate everything and have reached a level of intimacy that allows us to continuously grow together, trying new things. This keeps our relationship exciting. When my friends ask me these questions and I answer them, they say, "No way! No one can be that honest in a relationship." I have come to the realization that I have something special and rare. My question is, should I continue to try to educate these women or just say I am lucky, I guess.

Steve: As the great Branch Rickey once said, "Luck is the residue of design." Communication, as you've discovered, is the key to a great relationship. Don't feel obligated to educate your friends, but I see no problem in honestly sharing your experiences.

Mia: Don't try to teach anyone anything unless you are specifically asked.

Q: I went on a movie date with a guy whom I allowed into my apartment, against my better judgment, because he said he had to use my bathroom. Since I had to go myself, I said OK. When we got inside, I went first and when I came out, he was sitting on my couch naked. I was grossed out. His naked butt was on my white couch. He put his clothes on and left when I asked, but I was creeped out. We'd just met online, and I told him up front I wanted to take things slow. The next thing I know, he's on my couch with his joystick pointed in my direction.

Mia: I'll bet he never even asked to use the bathroom, right? Next time, don't fall for that old line. Wait until you know someone really well before you're alone with him like that.

Steve: He certainly is no gentleman. In the future, don't go against your better judgment.