The truck: Ohhh, look at that truck! The alluring typeface and pastel colors - heavy on the blues, with splashes of yellow and purple - make Unique Greek one fine-looking truck. Which, by the way, is the smart move these days. Truck owners are getting increasingly creative not only with their menus, but the designs of the trucks themselves.

The food: It's Greek. But is it unique? Eh, not so sure about that. Who cares though. It's good! Obviously, you need to have a gyro ($6). They have the traditional beef and lamb, but also chicken, hamburger, sausage or falafel gyros with tomatoes, red onions and homemade tzatziki sauce and french fries. The falafel is gluten-free, if you're into that.

We recommend: A meat gyro and split the 6-piece falafel appetizer ($6) with a friend. Throw in a drink and you got a big $10 lunch. "We make the falafel from scratch," said truck owner Maria Likos. "That's a Greek recipe my aunt gave me. It's a very good seller."

Dessert: If you have a big sweet tooth, try the baklava ($4), a homemade sweet pastry with layers of dough, filled with walnuts and almonds and sweetened with Greek honey syrup. They also have loukoumades ($5), homemade honey puffs drizzled with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Where: 33rd and Market streets on the Drexel University campus. They just hit the streets three weeks ago. "I wanted to expand on my Greek skills, that's why I opened this," said Likos, who has run a restaurant in Newtown Square for eight years.

Contact: or 610-316-5576.

Twitter: @UniqueGreekPHL.

They also do catering and deliver.

Daily News staff writer William Bender has been mispronouncing "gyro" for most of his adult life, but that doesn't stop him from eating them. Got a food truck tip? Tweet: @wbender99.