We were there: During the third inning

Wait for service: About 2 minutes

1 turkey hoagie (lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese)

Cost: $9.50

Phindings: It would be kind of embarrassing if Citizens Bank Park didn't provide a legitimate hoagie (which, along with the cheesesteak, comprises the Sacred Duo of Philly phood). I'm happy to report the surprisingly big Planet Hoagie offering did not disappoint. The key to any hoagie is the roll, and this one was fresh and wonderfully chewy. There was a generous array of equally fresh ingredients, starting with the turkey. The only false notes were sounded by the tomato slices, which were flavorless and mushier than the Phoodie prefers. But everything else came together perfectly in this bellyfiller that matches up favorably to those sold in most hoagie huts throughout the region.