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Letter from the editor

Dear Inquirer App Readers:

If you've updated your application recently to Version 2.0, you've seen several enhancements to your app, all presented in a fresh and visually dynamic manner.  We've added depth, dimension and range to the news report by adding more award-winning content in the categories of news, entertainment, and commentary.

Here is a quick review of what we've added:

  1. A new multimedia section featuring Photos of the Day, Videos of the Day and some of your all-time favorite comic strips including Family Circus, Beetle Bailey, and more

  2. A Special Reports section showcasing our best in-depth projects, such as The Curtis Factor series, the Assault on Learning investigation and the dramatic Friar's Confession stories

  3. Exclusive interviews by award-winning Inquirer pop music critic Dan DeLuca with the hottest musical acts in the region including Nikki Jean, John Wesley Harding and War on Drugs.  Listen to the bands performing their latest hits.

  4. Watch the brushstrokes come alive with Pulitzer-prize winning cartoonist Tony Auth's take on everything Philly in his interactive sketchpad

  5. Simpler sharing tools for Facebook, Twitter and email

If you haven't updated your app yet, here's what to do:

For the ARNOVA 10 G2 Android Tablet: When launching the application, a prompt should appear on screen:  "There is an update available, do you want to download it now?". You can say 'Yes'. If that doesn't occur, bring up the navigation window in the app (icon in the upper right that looks like a series of bars/rows) and select "Customize" or "Preferences" from the menu and look for "Check for Updates". Click on that, and the app should update. In more recent versions, there's also a "Force update" checkbox to download the most recent version.

Apple iPad: In the App Store, go to your 'Updates' menu and select the Inquirer App to download the free update.

NOTE: Occasionally when the application is updated, it might seem to disappear from the "desktop". You can go to the "all apps" menu (right hand side icon that looks like dotted grid) and "hold and drag" the Inquirer (grey icon) app back to your desktop.  Rest assured, it is not deleted, it just popped off of the desktop and can be put back on.

All the best,

Stan Wischnowski
Editor, The Philadelphia Inquirer