Lift the windows, fling open the doors, and don those sexy rubber gloves. It's time to scrub winter grime from the floors and bring in some semblance of spring. But since we don't live in

Little House on the Prairie

times anymore, we thought there might be better ways to add sparkle and shine than lye and creek water (well, maybe if that cute Almanzo carried the bucket.)


Forget chemical smells;

Mrs. Meyer's Spring Cleaning Kit,

full of honeysuckle-scented products scream "spring," not "Pine-Sol."

The kit comes with a window spray,

liquid dish soap, all-purpose cleaner, and countertop spray. Most of the products are concentrated, so a little goes a long way, with the help of some water. Helpful cleaning tips are included, so you can learn how to ensure that the dust from ceiling fans doesn't fall on your freshly cleaned floor. $14.99 to $19.99 at www.drugstore.

com, http://

and www.


We're not going to lie - cleaning is a drag. Aside from turning on some good music and enlisting the aid of others, it's not easy to make the scrubbing and wiping and mopping and dusting fun. So, you might as well look good. Check out the Funktion aprons, from the pink floral stripes of the "Jen" apron to the manly "Chuck Wagon" (OK, the polka-dot strings might take away from the manliness a bit). Still, just tying one on might help the day breeze by just a bit faster. $34 to $39 at