The Treasury Department is investigating whether Oscar-winning director

Michael Moore

violated the U.S. trade embargo restricting travel to Cuba when he took 10 ill rescue workers from Sept. 11 to Castro's island in February, the Associated Press reports. The purpose of the trip was to film a segment for


, Moore's docu-film indictment of the health-care industry.

The feds say Moore applied for permission to travel to Cuba but never followed up after he was asked to produce details of his trip.

Sicko presents tales of individual experiences with the health-care system. One segment is about a woman who was refused payment for an emergency ambulance ride she needed after a head-on car crash - because the ambulance service was not preapproved.

Moore's film already has caused mondo controversy: The filmmaker reportedly contrasts our health-care system with Cuba's in his docu, which shows the 10 rescue workers as they get treatment in the Communist state.

Couric: Give it time

"I had my eyes wide open going in. I knew this was going to be a big challenge. To get out of your comfort zone is not always comfortable."

So Katie Couric tells USA Today about her resolute commitment to make her gig work as the first solo female anchor at CBS Evening News - even though the show is getting its lowest ratings in 20 years.

Couric, who took over eight months ago, said it doesn't pay to be ratings-obsessed so soon in the process. "These things don't turn around overnight. We're trying to do a smart, compelling, engaging broadcast," she says.

Meanwhile, CBS News prez Sean McManus addresses rumors that Couric is about to be axed: There has "never been any discussion" about changing anchors, he says. "I'm not going to sugarcoat it and say we like being down. I continue to be very optimistic."

Domestic evenhandedness

Angelina Jolie

, 31, who jealously guards the private space she, her Alexandrian Adonis,

Brad Pitt

, 43, and their four kids share, lets a few beans spill in an interview with Reader's Digest. Ma Angie, whose lil'est,


, turns a year this month, says her biggest challenge is carving out quality time – private time with each of the kids. It's important, she says, to make sure they feel equally loved.

Assuring equality can be a tough proposition now that Brangelina has a biological child, Shiloh. To help, Jolie says, she adopted Pax from Vietnam to give Cambodian-born Maddox (and even Ethiopian Zahara) a brother who looks more like them.

"It became clear to us that it might be important to have somebody around who is similar to the other children, so they have a connection," Jolie says.

The serious side of Paris

In a rare display of authentic resoluteness straight out of her fave amateur cook, pipe smoker and celebrity author,

John Paul Sartre


Paris Hilton

says she is prepared to confront the Abyssal Nothingness of jail.

"I am ready to face the consequences of violating probation," philosopher-celebutante Hilton said.

Paris, who violated terms of her probation in a DUI case, must report to the Century Regional Detention Center in Lynnwood, Calif., on June 5 for a 45-day sojourn.

"I absolutely realize how serious driving under the influence is," says Paris, who assures the public, "I could not live with myself if anyone was injured or killed while I was driving while impaired."

Eva scouts wedding sites

Eva Longoria

, whose Paris wedding to

Tony Parker

is two months away, is in Paris to scout nuptials locations, meet the in-laws-to-be, and shop. The

Desperate Housewives

star isn't playing around: One site she checked out was 1,400-year-old St. Germain L'Auxerrois, known as the parish of French kings since it is regarded as the church of the nearby Louvre.

Expose them no more!

Forbes mag's ranking of the most overexposed stars of the year is topped by - surprise! -

Britney Spears


The list of 3,000 personalities (!) said that 72 percent of Americans polled believed Spears is "overexposed," as opposed to 54 percent five years ago. Forbes puts the numbers into perspective, saying most celebs average 3 to 7 percent - even at the peak of their careers.

In one semi-no-duh finding, Forbes shows that celebrity does not depend on talent: Over the last five years, Brit's "talented" score dropped from 35 percent to 25 percent.

The usual suspects round out the top five: Paris Hilton, Kevin Federline, Tom Cruise and Nicole Richie. And the annoyingest? American Idol loser Sanjaya Malakar, who ranks at No. 11. Oh, and our old friend, former Eagles Ego Terrell "T.O." Owens, is at No. 9.