ORLANDO, Fla. - A team of medical examiners and detectives was working yesterday to identify the skeletal remains of a child found in a wooded lot in central Florida, hoping to solve the six-month-old mystery of a missing toddler.

Caylee Anthony, 3, has been missing since June. Yesterday, less than a half-mile from where the girl lived, a utility worker stumbled upon remains of a small child.

There was nothing that immediately indicated the remains were Caylee's. But Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary said his investigators and the FBI would work around the clock and through the weekend to identify the child. Authorities searched the home where Caylee and her mother lived again last night, looking for more clues.

"Now the investigation continues," Beary said. "There is a lot of lab work to do. There is a lot of DNA work to do. There is a lot of crime-scene work to do."

Caylee's mother, 22-year-old Casey Anthony, was indicted in October on first-degree murder and other charges, even without a body. She has insisted that she left the girl with a babysitter in June, but she didn't report her missing until July.

Allen Moore, a spokesman for the Orange County jail, said Casey Anthony was told about the discovery. *