In the latest in Important Political News,

Sarah Palin

accepted an apology yesterday from

David Letterman

over his insensitive (flat-out sick) sexual joke about Palin's daughter.

The Alaska governor, who had demanded that D.L., who is 62-going-on-12, ought to apologize to All Womankind, was grand enough to speak on behalf of that vast constituency. She said she accepted the mea culpa "on behalf of all young women, like my daughters, who hope men who 'joke' about public displays of sexual exploitation of girls will soon evolve."

Another apology required

Sacha Baron Cohen

's character


is depicted nude on the cover of GQ. All humankind deserves an apology.

Roker's nonapologetic apology

Al Roker

yesterday escalated his feud with America's insufferable couple du jour,

Heidi Montag Pratt

and hubby

Spencer Pratt


Asked by Today host Meredith Vieira if he was proud of his Monday interview, Al said, "Yes, I am. I believe I asked what a lot of people wanted to know and, if he had tried to [get physical with me], I would have dumped him like a bag of dirt."

Fergie's date with food

"We were eating our brains out. We ordered everything fried and full of fat and salty." So says musical babe


, who tells Allure mag she gained 17 pounds for her role in the musical flick


by eating out with her "food buddy"

Penelope Cruz


Usher, Tameka & old news

Repeating last week's In Touch Weekly report, the Associated Press and E!News say



Tameka Foster

, who have filed for divorce after two years, have lived separate lives for half that time.

He never left the building

Got Elvis? Have an

Elvis Presley

memory? A sighting? Sweat-soaked concert towel? Stolen gold lamé jacket? Empty hair-dye packets or Weight Watchers boxes? If you do, the folks at Graceland want you! They are collecting Elvis memories as part of the Elvis Presley Legacy Project, a videotaped oral history collection for Graceland's archive. The project runs through Jan. 8, which would have been Elvis' 75th birthday. For more, or to submit your story, see



nolead begins

Lawyer: Carrie was set up


Carrie Prejean

victim of a vast international conspiracy? Her lawyer

Charles LiMandri

says the former Miss California, who was stripped of her crown on grounds she missed more than 30 required appearances, was set up by pageant director

Keith Lewis

, who sent her a list of events that were beyond her expected duties. "There was really a lack for trust and a lack of respect," LiMandri says. Time to call in conspiracy-buster Jack Bauer from



Sexy celeb photos


Megan Fox

falls victim to leaked topless photos," announces the New York Daily News about the Web-leak of "semi-nude" images of the


babe reportedly taken from her flick

Jennifer's Body


But Fox isn't suing, says the News, noting that the actress isn't really topless. "I had booby stickers on," Fox says, referring to a silicone contraption that played body double to her chest. "If I'd been actually topless, I would have sued someone."

More sexy celeb photos

A rep for paradigmatic corn-fed American good girl

Miley Cyrus

says a newly released pic showing the star engaged in sexual activity "is completely fabricated." In '08, the 16-year-old

Zen Master of Bubblegum Pop

was embroiled in a scandal when suggestive, if non-nude, photos of her in Vanity Fair raised the ire of many persons of high character.