How much would you pay for

Charles Dickens

' toothpick?

Try $9,150. That's what an anonymous bidder paid yesterday for an ivory and gold toothpick that belonged to the great writer. The tiny utensil, which bears Dickens' initials, was put on sale yesterday at Bonhams New York (

The object came with an authentication letter from Dickens' sister-in-law Georgina Hogarth that says he used the toothpick "when traveling and on his last visit to America."

Love's labor lost

Courtney Love

has lost legal custody of

Frances Bean Cobain

, 17, her daughter with the late rock great

Kurt Cobain


A Los Angeles Superior Court commissioner has granted legal control over Frances Bean to Cobain's mother, Wendy O'Connor, and his sister, Kimberly Dawn Cobain.

But it's not what you think: Love isn't back on drugs or anything.

"Courtney's been clean for years and is perfectly fine," says her lawyer Keith A. Fink. "This is simply about Frances preferring to live with her grandmother at this time."

Alicia Keys' greatest talent?

There's a reason

Alicia Keys

was put on this Earth.

"I understand my forte: inspire," the stunning warbler tells Success mag. "That is my strength. That's what my music does for people."

So what is it that inspires Keys?

In a chat with USA Today, Keys, 29, says her new album, Element of Freedom, which came out yesterday, owes a great deal to Fleetwood Mac, whom she recently saw in concert.

"I wanted melodies that really soared, like the ones I heard at that [Mac] show," says Keys.

Abba and (not those) Stooges

Speaking of musical inspiration, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland announced its latest list of inductees yesterday. Artists include Swedish popsters


, art-rock pioneers


, hard-rockin' proto-punk gods

the Stooges

, Jamaican ska and reggae singer

Jimmy Cliff

, and 1960s British rockers

the Hollies


The 25th annual induction ceremony is set for March 15 in New York.

Immaterial girl

Rachel McAdams

, who baffles and bedazzles

Robert Downey Jr.

's Holmes in

Guy Ritchie


Sherlock Holmes

, has come a long way from her days as a mean girl in

Mean Girls


For one thing, the 31-year-old Canadian thesp sure has surpassed her Mean Girls costar Lindsay Lohan as an actor. RMcA has nothing but nice things to say about working with LiLo. "I just remember marveling about how much [Lohan] knew as an actor," Rachel tells Vogue, "how much she understood. She . . . had this naturalness to her."

Money and success haven't swelled McAdams' head: "I don't really desire things, I prefer to spend my money on experiences, on meals or travel," she says, being all Zen.

Prom? The best night ever!

Ashley Greene

, 22, whose turn as Alice Cullen in


has made her a household name, says she grew up as a regular gal-next-door.

And if there's one thing gals-next-door do, it's the prom.

"My prom was great," Ash tells TeenPROM, a special issue of Teen mag ( aimed, I guess, at prom-bound teens. "I bought my dress and I pretty much paid for everything because my parents really didn't have the money to pay for something like that."

The industrious Ash says her prom was awesome: "I had that fairy-tale prom everyone talks about. It's something I'll remember forever." Yep, it's all downhill from there, Ashley.

Even the great go commercial

Four-time Oscar nominee

Julianne Moore

, she of the red mane and freckled, alabaster sheen, has signed a contract to hawk Bulgari's latest line of pricey, pretty watches and jewels. says that in one ad, JM "lounges in an exotic and opulent room decorated in rich brocades, jewel tone satins and peacock feathers while modeling 115-carat Colombian teardrop emerald earrings." It's easy to see how JM's new role will enhance her art.