PANAMA CITY, Fla. - A gunman walked up to a podium, spray painted a red "V" with a circle around it then opened fire at a school board meeting yesterday, sending audience members scrambling, then exchanged shots with a security guard before killing himself, police said. No one else was injured.

In video of portions of the clash, the gunman, Clay A. Duke, is shown calmly confronting the Bay District school board. Duke stands about 10 feet directly in front of the board with the gun at his side. Superintendent Bill Husfelt tries to persuade him to let board members go.

"I've got a feeling you want the cops to come in and kill you because you said you are going to die today," Husfelt tells Duke. He then tells Duke that this isn't worth it. Duke slowly raises the gun and levels it at Husfelt, who says "Please don't, please don't." Duke then fires a shot that misses.

Earlier, member Ginger Littleton is shown coming up behind Duke as he stands next to the board and hitting him on the arm with her purse.

Duke, a large, heavyset man, got angry, turned around, and she fell to the floor. He pointed the gun at her head and said, "You stupid b - - - -" but he didn't shoot her. She's not sure why.

"He had every opportunity to take me out," she said.

After Duke, an ex-convict, fires the shot that missed Husfelt, district security chief Mike Jones, a former police officer and board member, entered and exchanged fire with Duke, wounding him, police Sgt. Jeff Becker said.

Duke then fatally shot himself, Becker said. The video shows a distraught Jones, with his gun at his side, being comforted by colleagues as he says he had never shot anyone before. SWAT team officers then storm in and order everyone onto the ground. School officials tell them that Duke is shot and appears dead. His feet can be seen near the board's seats.

"I overheard some discussion about his wife needing a job," said witness Leon Walters said. "Or his wife had lost her job or wanting a job or something like that."

Walters heard one member say, "I'll get your wife a job or I'll see if I can't find her a job somewhere."

State prison records show Duke was charged in October 1999 with aggravated stalking, shooting or throwing a missile into a building or vehicle and obstructing justice. He was convicted and sentenced in January 2000 to five years in prison but was released in January 2004. They also show that Duke was a licensed massage therapist before his arrest.