Disney sweetie turned Hollywood ingenue

Lindsay Lohan

in legal trouble? Say it ain't so! LiLo, 24, who has only two weeks left in her court-ordered sojourn at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, Calif., may find herself behind bars. Police say the

Parent Trap

star is being investigated for allegedly assaulting an unnamed female employee at the rehab.

TMZ says the Dec. 12 incident was sparked when the employee chided LiLo for returning late after spending the night at a local bar. The employee says she was attacked when she insisted LiLo take a drug and alcohol test. No arrests have been made.

TMZ says LiLo and her roommates recently were reprimanded for having a drunken party ("the booze was flowing") at one of the rehab's satellite houses.

LiLo was sent to rehab by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elden S. Fox, who has vowed to send the Mean Girls star to jail if she messes up while on probation.

Tinseltown's biggest moneymakers

Leonardo DiCaprio

had a titanic year, landing atop Forbes' annual list of highest-grossing actors. Leo starred in

Shutter Island



, which made a combined $1.1 billion at the box office. (Leo will make more than $50 mil for


alone.) Second place belongs to

Mia Wasikowska

, who played the title role in

Alice in Wonderland

. It drew $1 billion. Her second flick this year,

The Kids Are All Right

, made $29 mil.



Johnny Depp

, whose other 2010 piece was

The Tourist

, is at No. 3.

Love conquers all . . .

"They swore I was the guy who would never" marry, Bret Michaels tells People.

They were wrong: The rocker proposed to his gf of 16 years, Kristi Gibson, Monday night on his VH1 reality show. "It feels awesome," says Bret.

'Dallas' without J.R.!?

Here's a deep existential question: Would




if it didn't star

Larry Hagman

as that much beloved spiritual guru J.R. Ewing? That grotesque scenario seemed close to becoming a reality last week, when news spread that TNT had failed to sign Hagman for its



Don't believe the rumors, says TV Guide mag. Hagman sure doesn't: "I hadn't heard about that, huh!" the 79-year-old TV legend tells TV Guide when told of the rumors.

Negotiations, TV Guide says, are still on.

He's a dreamy vamp, all right

Have you spent sleepless nights gnashing your teeth and wondering whether

Kristen Stewart

is getting her money's worth when it comes to romance?

Fear not, says Christina Ricci, who costars with Kristen's bf, Robert Pattinson, in Bel Ami. RoPa, Ricci tells Rachael Ray, is a "good kisser." Lest you get the wrong impression, Ricci quickly adds, "he's a lovely human being also. . . . He's just, like, a silly, fun guy. We laughed a lot. He makes fun of himself all the time. He's adorable."

Finally, I can sleep soundly.

Get ready for Queen Kate . . .

Queen Elizabeth II

, 84, has the ultimate wedding gift for her grandson

Prince William

: her throne. So claims

Christopher Anderson

's megahyped bodice-ripper

William and Kate: A Royal Love Story

, published Tuesday.

Anderson cites Anonymous Insider, who says the queen is considering giving up the British throne to her son Prince Charles, 62, after William marries his sweetie, Kate Middleton. William would then be next in line. (He and his wife would be King William V and Queen Catherine.)

The Biz in ShowBiz

Julie Taymor

's $65 mil Broadway musical,

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

, suffered its fourth accident Monday when an actor identified by

Anonymous Sources


Christopher Tierney

was taken to a hospital after falling 30 feet during an aerial stunt. No comments from producers.

Paul Reubens, 58, is back on top! And back on TV. HBO on Tuesday announced that next month it will film performances of Reubens' hit stage show, The Pee-wee Herman Show on Broadway, for a special to air later in the year. The show, which features John Moody and Drew Powell, is based in part on Reubens' fab children's show, Pee-wee's Playhouse.

Al Pacino's Shylock won't be forced to leave Broadway on Jan. 9 as previously announced. Variety says the Public Theater's staging of the Bard's The Merchant of Venice has done so well it will return for an extended run Feb. 1 to 20.

Variety also says Billy Zane and Jack Huston have signed to costar with Sienna Miller and Danny Huston in Bernard Rose's next pic, Two Jacks. The pic, about a Hollywood tycoon and his family, is loosely (I'll say!) adapted from Leo Tolstoy's story "Two Hussars."

Larry King: I have loved three people

Larry King

may be done with his CNN chat show, but he's definitely not done with love.

The famously bespectacled, suspender-sporting lothario, who has been married eight times (take that, Henry VIII!), told Erica Hill Tuesday on CBS's The Early Show that he loved only three of his wives.

"I think in my life I have loved three people. Married all three," Larry said. "The other marriages, I wasn't in love. It was the thing to do, but in love - really in love - three people: current one and two others."

The current one would be Shawn Southwick, whom Larry wed in '97, and whom he was set to divorce this summer. They've since reconciled.

"There was a big difference in our ages that might have had something to do with it," says Larry, who at 77 is 26 years older. "But I'm not an expert on marriage."

Today's other legal briefs

The Savannah Morning News says Food Network celeb chef

Paula Deen

's housekeeper, one

Mary Alice White

, has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for stealing jewelry from Deen's Georgia home.

Police are investigating the reported theft of $192,000 in jewelry and luggage from Jermaine Jackson's Calabasas, Calif., home. Jackson noticed the items were missing after returning home from vacation.

Paris Hilton may have come face-to-face, cheek-to-cheek, even nose-to-nose with a potential terrorist! (Or not.) Paris tweets that she and her beauteous beau Cy Waits were among passengers evacuated off a Maui-bound plane at LAX on Tuesday when "they found a big knife on board the plane." Adds Paris, "Scary that it got on plane."