Does Lamar Odom blame his wife for ruining a potentially great NBA career?

Does Lamar, effectively booted by the Dallas Mavericks, think Khloé Kardashian loves her career as one of the principals in The Kardashian Un-Reality Industry more than her marriage?

Does he want to leave her?

These questions haunt us at night.

Khloé, too, by the sounds of it. The embattled reality star, who this week announced she and Lamar are temporarily benching their reality show, Khloé & Lamar, tells People mag there are bumps in her marriage.

She even utters the dreaded D-Word!

"I like to think that divorce is not an option," says Khloé, who surely is media-savvy enough to know every gossip rag in the world will now lead with the headline "Khloé talks divorce!"

Khloé insists she and Lamar put their show aside so they can work on resurrecting his career (and repairing their marriage?).

"I think what makes a marriage work is honesty, loyalty and prioritizing. And we just wanted to prioritize a little. Life is short," she says. "We just want a little pause."

Kutcher ad pulled for being racist

YouTube and Facebook have killed a video advert for a potato chip brand that features Ashton Kutcher playing a series of bachelor characters after a flood of complaints that the ad was racist. In the noncontroversial part, Ashton plays a dreadlocked pothead called Nigel; a Karl Lagerfeld-ion dude named Darl; and some a tattooed cat named Swordfish.

The part that had some go splenetic has Ashton in brownface (when is that ever a good idea?) as Raj, a Bollywood director duded out in a psychedelic electric-turquoise-hued Nehru jacket. A rep for the chip company says the ad was "created to provoke a few laughs and was never intended to stereotype or offend anyone."

The LiLo Follies return!

Lindsay Lohan, who had been keeping a low profile for a while, is back in the news.

First the bad: LiLo, 25, may be headed back to court. TMZ says Los Angeles police have referred LiLo's hit-and-run case to prosecutors for possible trial. On March 14, LiLo allegedly hit a pedestrian, the manager of the Hookah Lounge on Hollywood Boulevard, with her car, as she pulled out of a parking spot after clubbing. Will LiLo be prosecuted? TMZ says there is little evidence, only the dude's accusation. We'll have to wait and see.

LiLo in love ... again?

Is LiLo resurrecting her lesbian-lite romance with her onetime DJ pal and lover, Samantha Ronson? Anonymous Source tells celeb news site the pair were seen "holding hands" and flirting "just like the old days" at a New York club.

"Lindsay and Sam were whispering and laughing, and they left the club holding hands," Source tells the site. Don't sneer. LiLo needs love in her life. We all do.

Speaking of LiLo love, seems Steven Spielberg was high on the stuff when he met her at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner in Washington over the weekend. "I feel like a kid," he reportedly told her, "because I'm so excited to meet you." Guy should get out more.

Fox: Your 'Voice' is mine

First there was American Idol. Then there was The Voice. (Actually, first there was Star Search. Well, no, first there was Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour in 1948, but we digress ...) Fox, whose Idol supremacy has been challenged by NBC's Johnny-come-lately talent show, is retaliating by copying the Voice format ... but for a dating show.

The Cat Deeley-hosted The Choice, which premieres June 7, will feature four male celebs evaluating the merits of regular gals hidden from view. If two celebs pick the same choice morsel, they must scrap in a barechested, bare-knuckle cage fight to the death. (No, wait, they'll just compete in silly games.)

A 'Dancing' baby is born

Iraq War veteran and Dancing With The Stars champ J.R. Martinez and gf Diana Gonzalez-Jones welcomed daughter Lauryn Anabelle Martinez on Wednesday in Los Angeles, People reveals.

Lovestyles of the rich 'n' famous

"It is shaping up to be the summer of the celebrity wedding," Us Weekly top boss Jaimee Zanziger tells USA Today. Zanziger has compiled a list of potential nuptials to come. It's ranked from most to least likely. (She has stats!)

Drew Barrymore, 37 (37! Wasn't she a little E.T.-lovin' girl like only a year ago!?) & Will Kopelman? She gives them a 99 percent chance); Jessica Biel, 30, & Justin Timberlake, 31, get 98 percent; Britney Spears (who at 30 already is twice divorced), & Jason Trawick are at 70 percent); and the mother of all rumored nups, Angelina Jolie, 36, & her third hub-to-be, the de-Jennifer Aniston-ed Brad Pitt, 48, are at 50. Halle Berry, 45, and Olivier Martinez are also on the list, but without likelihood stats.

... what about these weddings?

The Zanzinger list makes no mention of the aforementioned Aniston and Justin Theroux, who reportedly plan to rent all of Greece for their do. (Pater Aniston's homeland sure could use the money.)

Then there's The King of Pop's sis: The National Enquirer says Janet Jackson, 45, will do the "I do" with Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Mana. (Perhaps he could buy Greece and do a double do with the Anistons?)

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