Sports fans have draft day. TV lovers have up-front presentations, when the networks reveal the rookies that have earned starting spots on their fall lineups.

TV's annual rite of spring announced itself twice - if somewhat timidly - on Monday as both NBC and Fox introduced their new offerings for the 2013-14 season.

Using the Roots as the house band at Radio City Music Hall, NBC took the wraps off three dramas and three sitcoms, including The Michael J. Fox Show.

Here is the slate:

The Blacklist stars James Spader as an American espionage agent who goes ultra-rogue. He reemerges, offering to catch terrorists, with the caveat that he will only work with an FBI agent (Megan Boone) just out of the Academy.

Blair Underwood gets the title role in a remake of Ironside, the classic series featuring Raymond Burr as a cop who solved crimes from a wheelchair.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers (The Tudors) stars in another title you may recognize: Dracula. Posing as an American, the Count moves to Victorian London.

In the sitcom Welcome to the Family, the teen daughter of Mike O'Malley and Mary McCormack announces she's pregnant. Her boyfriend's parents (Ricardo Chavira and Justina Machado) aren't too thrilled with the news, either.

Sean P. Hayes (Will & Grace) plays a divorced gay dad struggling to do it all in Sean Saves the World.

In The Michael J. Fox Show, the sitcom veteran (Family Ties) plays a retired New York news anchor with Parkinson's disease who decides to return to work.

NBC will roll out another batch of series at midseason, after shamelessly promoting them during the Winter Olympics in Russia in February. In an unusual situation, the fates of Hannibal and Celebrity Apprentice have yet to be determined.

Do we get a vote?

Despite an aging and fading prime-time lineup, Fox will be making few alterations this fall.

But that doesn't mean the network didn't have big news to announce at its ceremony at Manhattan's Beacon Theatre on Monday afternoon.

Fox chairman Kevin O'Reilly revealed that Kiefer Sutherland will reprise his celebrated turn as Jack Bauer, that reluctant savior of the American way, in 24: Live Another Day, coming in the summer of 2014. The clock is ticking.

Also set for 2014 is Wayward Pines, a 10-episode thriller executive-produced by Chesco's M. Night Shyamalan. Matt Dillon (Wild Things) stars as a Secret Service agent who seems to slip into a strange parallel world while on assignment in Idaho.

The slate for September series is unexpectedly slender.

Sleepy Hollow is a futuristic take on Washington Irving's short story. Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) is brought back centuries after his death to stop the Headless Horseman and prevent the apocalypse.

The sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine stars Saturday Night Live's Andy Samberg as a very relaxed NYPD detective with a very uptight new boss (Andre Braugher).

Seth McFarlane is behind Dads, a live-action comedy with Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi as pals whose fathers (Martin Mull and Peter Riegert) move in with them.

On the reality front, there's Junior Masterchef, in which a group of adolescents with kitchen aspirations compete in front of judges like . . . yikes, Gordon Ramsay. Don't take it personally, kids.

Tuesday it's ABC's turn.

Fox Fall Lineup

New programs in boldface


8 p.m. - Bones

9 p.m. - Sleepy Hollow


8 p.m. - Dads

8:30 p.m. - Brooklyn Nine-nine

9 p.m. - New Girl

9:30 p.m. - The Mindy Project


8 p.m. - The X Factor


8 p.m. - The X Factor Results

9 p.m. - Glee


8 p.m. - Junior Masterchef

9 p.m. - Sleepy Hollow reruns


7 p.m. - Fox Sports Saturday


7 p.m. - NFL Football

7:30 p.m. - The OT

8 p.m. - The Simpsons

8:30 p.m. - Bob's Burgers 9 p.m. - Family Guy

9:30 p.m. - American Dad


NBC Fall Lineup

New programs in boldface


8 p.m. - The Voice

10 p.m. - The Blacklist


8 p.m. - The Biggest Loser

9 p.m. - The Voice

10 p.m. - Chicago Fire


8 p.m. - Revolution

9 p.m. - Law & Order: SVU

10 p.m. - Ironside


8 p.m. - Parks and Recreation

8:30 p.m. - Welcome to the Family

9 p.m. - Sean Saves the World

9:30 p.m. - The Michael J. Fox Show

10 p.m. - Parenthood


8 p.m. - Dateline NBC

9 p.m. - Grimm

10 p.m. - Dracula


Encore programming


7 p.m. - Football Night in America

8:15 p.m. - NBC Sunday Night Football