We've all got that one friend that is ALWAYS up for partying. Whether it's a Monday night, the day after New Years Eve, or even early in the AM, this person is ready for action. Here are some gift ideas for the party animal in your life –

1. Dummy bottle opener

Kill two birds with one stone with this hilarious gift. The bottle opener gets the party started, and the pacifier comforts your party animal friend who's bound to end up acting like a baby later on in the evening. Available here.

2. Ice luge

Bring the party to your friend with this awesome ice luge from Urban Outfitters.

3. Medieval Fancy Beer Helmet

This DIY beer helmet will get tons of laughs. Find out how to make it from Instructables.

4. Awesome Party Hat

Your partying pal will enjoy this cool pack of paper party hats that you can personalize to make your very own. They're super easy to assemble and make for a hilarious ice breaker. Available at Urban Outfitters.

5. 6 oz party flask

Every party animal loves two things: a flask, and Kanye West and Jay-z's song "Paris". This gift combines both. Available at Urban Outfitters.

6. Sippin' seat cushion

Keep the booze flowing even while you're resting with this comfy seat cushion with a liquid-holding pouch inside. Available here.

7. The book of holy hammered

OK, this is a bit sacrilegious, but also quite humorous. Find it at Boozingear.