This year's Independence Blue Cross Broad Street Run brings with it a celebration of 35 years of Philadelphia's beloved 10-miler. Here at, the Broad Street Run holds a special place for us as well.

At last year's race, we met Liz Diamondstein, a runner who beat cancer THREE times and then when faced a separation from her husband of nine years, used running as a way to cope. We profiled Taj Bland and his family who ran Broad Street just seven months after a car accident that left Taj with two broken legs and only the promise of racing as a family to push him through recovery.

And perhaps the highlight of our runner profiles — the unforgettable Andy Aubin, a father who literally ran his ass off, shedding 130 pounds to get back into shape and used Broad Street Run as the culmination of his transformational journey.

We even had sports medicine experts evaluate the best ways to avoid common running injuries and share tips on how to mentally prepare for the 10-mile feat.

Now, in the coming weeks, you can expect us to introduce you to the 2014 field in similar fashion. You'll meet people who've overcome physical hardships and overwhelming odd to reach the starting line next month.

Plus, we'll have local dieticians and nutritionists weigh in on how best to fuel your body for the 10-mile race.

Questions you ask yourself, like "Do I really need to carbo-load?" will be answered. For years, runners were told to swallow as many carbohydrates as possible in the week leading up to the race in order to "load" their muscles with stored carbohydrates for energy but such prolonged carbo-loading often leaves runners bloated and heavy.

We'll explore the proper way to carbo-load, share with you a comprehensive nutrition plan for your final week of training and offer tips on what to eat after the race to restore your body's energy levels.

We'll lay out the closest places to get a beer — because yes, there's an actual science behind the post-run brews you crave. (Here's looking at you, Xfinity!)

And finally, we'll give you a look back in pictures through the 35 years of the Broad Street Run, leading up to our live coverage of the 2014 race at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday, May 4th.

We can't wait to see you at the finish line!

Are you running in support of a loved one? Has training for the Broad Street Run turned your life around? Tell us why your race to Broad Street is important to you. Email and stay tuned for more 2014 Broad Street Run coverage at