During the last two weeks, the Philadelphia health department has asked a number of restaurants, food stands and neighborhood grocery stores to temporarily close to address violations found during routine inspections.

Most of the establishments were given the OK to reopen the next day.

The most commonly cited violations included mouse droppings, lack of running water and an absence of a food safety certified person.

An Inquirer analysis of city inspection reports last year found the average restaurant was cited with 7.8 violations, 2.3 of which were considered serious. Each inspection is generally regarded as a "snapshot in time," not necessarily a reflection of day-to-day conditions at the business.

The eateries listed below were inspected between April 18 and May 3. Included with each listing is a selection of citations by health department sanitarians. Click on the restaurant name to see a detailed inspection report.

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Gonzalez Grocery

621 N 38TH ST 19104

32 violations, 12 serious.

Person in charge not present; food safety certified person did not know foodborne illnesses symptoms and reporting practices; improper employee handwashing; no soap at handwashing sink; heavy accumulation of residue on food slicer; employees lack knowledge of proper sanitation; utensils improperly sanitized; foods held at temperatures known to promote growth of toxic bacteria; general cleaning needed throughout. Inspected May 2.

Dulce Food Market

1601 VAN KIRK ST 19149

18 violations, 3 serious.

Cockroach nest inside wall next to deli case; cat observed inside walk-in refrigerator; handwashing sink blocked and inaccessible; no soap or towels at handwash sink; pooled water and animal feces in storage area. Inspected May 2.

J&L Mini Market

641 N 39TH ST 19104

23 violations, 6 serious.

Employees not wearing effective hair restraints; expired baby food on shelves; employee lacked knowledge of proper sanitation; food held at temperatures known to promote growth of toxic bacteria; fruit flies in prep area; stagnant water in basement harboring fly larvae/ maggot infestation. Inspected May 2.

Dollar Express

2495 ARAMINGO AVE 19125

10 violations, 1 serious.

Mouse droppings on entire floor surface of rear storage area and on shelves of pet food aisle; several chewed bags of pet food; no sign at handwash sinks to remind employees to wash hands. Inspected April 28.

Billy Kids food cart

33RD & ARCH ST 19122

6 violations, 3 serious.

No running water; food license not present; food held at temperatures known to promote growth of toxic bacteria. Inspected April 26.

Dollar Tree Stores #1600

8045 FRANKFORD AVE 19136

3 violations, 1 serious.

Rodent contaminated foods in the retail food area, gnawed packages; men's room needs cleaning; remove old mouse feces. Inspected April 25.

34th St. Market stand

Philadelphia Zoo

Bird Lake Plaza

3400 W GIRARD AVE 19104

10 violations, 5 serious.

No cold or hot water; no soap at handwash sink; condiments partially covered; evidence of rodent activity, fresh mice feces in cabinet. Inspected April 25.

North Gate stand

Philadelphia Zoo

3400 W GIRARD AVE 19104

1 violation, 0 serious.

Food safety certified person not present; cabinets and shelving dirty with dust and food debris; foul odor. Inspected April 25.

Auntie Anne's


6 violations, 1 serious.

Food safety certified person not present; mouse feces in food prep area cabinet; pipes and utilities not properly sealed; floor cleaning needed. Inspected April 22.

Far East

Philadelphia Airport, Terminal F

8500 ESSINGTON AVE 19153

22 violations, 10 serious.

Food safety certified person not present; employees could not demonstrate knowledge of foodborne illnesses; employees did wash hands between changing tasks; raw chicken stored next to cut vegetables; pink slime build up in ice machine; cooked chicken held at temperatures known to promote growth of toxic bacteria. Inspected April 22.

Susquehanna Grocery LLC


18 violations, 5 serious.

Ten to 15 live roaches along baseboard in kitchen, numorous dead roaches on kitchen floor; can in basement; employees not wearing hair restraints; food safety certified person did not know foodborne illnesses need to be reported to Health Department; accumulated food residue on slicer. Inspected April 22.

L&J Mini Market

2101 FRIENDSHIP ST 19149

17 violations, 5 serious.

Insufficient hot water; expired milk on sale; uncovered containers of water ice in freezer; encrusted residue on slicer; live roaches, flies in prep and retail area; accumulation of waste water flooding basement floor. Inspected April 21.

Danny Chelves Grocery Variety

3133 N FRONT ST 19133

5 violations, 1 serious.

No valid food license.

Croce's Pizza

7400 LAWNDALE AVE 19111

27 violations, 11 serious

Food safety certified person no present; no soap in restroom; encrusted residue on food slicer; deli meats, cheese and mayo held at temperatures known to promote growth of toxic bacteria; employee lacked hair restraint; extensive cleaning needed of floors and walls due to residue, debris, grease and cobwebs. Inspected April 19.

Cruz Grocery

446 S 52ND ST 19134

27 violations, 12 serious.

No soap at handwashing sink; expired Pedialyte on sale; bags of pet food chewed open by rodents; raw chicken stored about ready-to-eat foods in freezer; accumulation of food residue on slicer; deli meats held at temperatures known to promote growth of toxic bacteria; mouse feces; live cockroach. Inspected April 19.

Saxbys Coffee

Temple University


1 violation, 1 serious.

Certified food safety person not present. Inspected April 18.

Great Wall Seafood Market

102 N 10TH ST 19107

4 violations, 2 serious.

Uncovered seaweed and salted jellyfish; fish held at unsafe temperatures; fly infestation. Inspected April 18.

Front grocery store

3123 N FRONT ST 19133

11 violations, 4 serious.

Food safety certified person not present; handwash sink blocked by food; no soap or papertowels at sink in food prep area; open rodent bait on shelving in food storage area. Inspected April 18.


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