Don't let a ho-hum, standard-issue mailbox define your home's first impression. Find an alternative in these modernized picks.

- Caroline Tiger

Red all over
Remember when getting mail was exciting? Make it fun again with the cheery red Priority Mailbox ($78). Available at

Don't box me in
The DaVinci Mailbox, here in Terra Rust ($269.95), is designed by HouseArt, a small Michigan-based company that believes mailboxes can be masterpieces. Available at S&H Hardware, 6421 and 6700 Castor Ave. and

Curb appeal
The Premier Mailbox ($680), made from stainless steel and cedar, is so understated, it's eye-catching. Available at

Mind the gap
Check the built-in window at the bottom of the SIGNO Mailbox by Blomus ($342.26) to find out if you've got mail. Available at

Props for periodicals
Your mail becomes part of the design when it's visible through the frosted glass Envelope Mailbox ($78), equipped with a tube for magazines and newspapers. Available at

Express yourself
Be the only one on the block with HouseArt's Monet Mailbox in lime ($199.95). Available at S&H Hardware, 6421 and 6700 Castor Ave. and

Signed, sealed, delivered
There's no mistaking the function of designer Matt Carr's envelope-shaped Postino Mailbox ($105). Available at