Stand-alone Bluetooth keyboards for touchscreen tablets and smartphones can make typing on the go a lot easier, but are worth bringing along only if they are lightweight, sturdy, finger-friendly, and - above all - reliable. Keys-to-Go, the new ultra-portable, stand-alone Bluetooth keyboards from Logitech, are a pleasure to have aboard. Available in a Windows/Android-compatible model, as well as one for iOS devices (such as iPhones and iPads), both models are 9.5 inches long, 5.5 inches wide, and barely a quarter of an inch thick. They weigh a mere 6 ounces.

The well-spaced, soft-touch keys provide plenty of finger room and satisfying feedback. In addition to the full-QWERTY layouts, each model has shortcut keys designed to work with the designated operating system, so some of the icons and labels differ. The keyboards do not include an integrated mouse, but most users will likely find the size and performance worth the trade-off. Both models pair easily with their compatible Bluetooth-enabled tablets and smartphones, and have on/off switches and mini USB ports for charging via an included USB cable. (The keyboards operate wirelessly, but can also be used while charging.) A rubberized skin covering the entire keyboard protects against crumbs and spills. The iOS model comes in black, red, or teal. The Windows/Android version comes in black or dark blue and includes an attachable smartphone stand.