If you think travel photos are inspiring, wait until you feast your eyes on this app's curated travel videos.

Name: Facet-Video Travel Inspiration.

What it does: Browses original travel videos from around the world, grouped by curated collections. Themes include destinations and things to see and do, such as museums, art, nature, architecture, beaches, urban life, markets, and epic views. The "Eat and Drink" category also has lots of variety. Inspired by what you see featured? Become part of the community and start making your own videos and boards.

Available: iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Requires iOS 8.1 or later.

Cost: Free.

What's hot: The ability to get lost while you gaze at 10-second videos is akin to walking through the side streets of a town you've never traveled to. My favorite feature is the app's connection to Airbnb. After watching a video, click on the info button to see a map of where the video was taken. Now look for the Airbnb logo. Click "Plan" and get a list of nearby Airbnb accommodations. The quick and easy way to connect inspiration and planning is an unexpected bonus.

What's not: I wanted the ability to search for specific destinations. My fingers are crossed that this feature will be added as the new app gets more use. It would be a natural for future versions.