I'm new to apartment life, and I want to know how to choose furniture and definitely area rugs. While I love finding things to furnish my nest, I just can't figure out what to do about the floors. I just have a couple little throw rugs but they slide around. I moved from my parents' into a very open loft-type studio with a wood floor. Please help!

- Alison
A: Congratulations! I love personalizing a new home. I hope you are enjoying creating your own space. Finding the right furnishings is a lot like shopping for a dress or pair of shoes - there are so many choices for all occasions, formal to casual.

Area rugs finish a room and help set the tone. They also define spaces, especially in an open loft. Anything you choose for your home, from furniture and area rugs to lamps, art and decorative items should be something you love, and can't live without. Your personal style will soon emerge.

Shop within your price range, and remember that there's really no rush to get everything all at once. Particularly if something is expensive, think about it overnight. If you can't stop thinking about a rug you found (or other major piece of furniture) a day or two later, it means you really love it.

Area rugs certainly will warm up your space visually. Don't forget to add one by your bed so you have a soft place for your feet. For a big statement, choose a rug large enough to leave a two or three foot border between the rug and the walls.

Or, to ground a room with a small rug, place it closer to the sofa instead of centered in the room. Avoid having just one or three legs of furniture on the rug; it will sit unevenly or rock.

A rug pad will keep rugs from slipping, as well as protect both the rug and the flooring underneath, and it will give your rug a more luxurious feel - especially over hard flooring.

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