Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of balancing the energies of a living space. If you're  having a hard time at work, just went through a break up or are just plain sad, try some of these tips to bring happiness into your home. Here are 9 ways to Feng Shui your space:

1. Remove clutter

This rule is especially true for small spaces, such as 1 bedroom or studio apartments.  Purging your space of trash, junk mail, and other objects that have no use to you clears your space and mind. This should be your first move.

2. Color scheme your space

We all know that certain colors make people feel different emotions. Red inspires passion, black and white symbolize grace, red and orange facilitate live conversation and green and blue cue relaxation. Use colors to your advantage and pair them together accordingly.

3. Purchase a plant

Plants that stay green year-round keep you inspired year-round – especially through the winter. Burpee Seeds and Plants has some lovely perennial plants.

4. Embrace natural light

Allowing natural light into your space is one of the main ingredients to proper Feng Shui. It will improve your mood and make your living environment look larger.

5. Pair up

When browsing around for nightstands, end tables and other similar items, purchase two of them. Two matching items create balance and equality, leveling out the energy in the room.

6. The more mirrors, the better

Placing more mirrors in your bedroom increases happiness and improves communication in  relationships. Feng Shui master Ken Lauher suggests that it also provides a sense of completion to your goals.

7. Add natural embellishments

Applying natural décor to a home produces great Feng Shui because the idea of Feng Shui is based in nature. Look for items made of wood, stone or metal.

8. Steer clear of the door

Moving objects away from the door creates a feeling of safety and security. This rule is most important for your bedroom – make sure your bed is against a solid wall and away from the door.

9. Go round

Sharp corners from square objects give off negative energy. When shopping around for light fixtures and night tables, choose objects with round edges.