Take almost any closet space shared between a man and woman. The man's portion will likely take up one-third of the space, while the woman's dominates the rest. Sure, we guys understand: You have more stuff than we do (despite hating 95 percent of it and only wanting to wear pajamas).

But a guy still needs his own well-designed and organized space, too. Our fashion collection may not be as massive as most women's, but it encompasses almost as many categories: jewelry (ties, cuff links, rings); accessories (belts, pocket squares, watches); bags (briefcase, knapsack); and, yes, shoes (work, play, exercise, summer, winter). And since you've made it clear that the bathroom floor, hallway floor, bedroom floor, desk chair and kitchen counter aren't appropriate storage options, it all needs to go somewhere.

The best part of our conversion from wardrobe piles to organization is that many dudes are realizing that their closet is the one area where they can excercise a little personal style. Our ladies might not want dark, sophisticated wood and a shoe-shining station in the living room for all the guests to see, but we can still have a small bit of freedom in the closet.

Custom closets range from a couple thousand dollars for a small corner space all the way up to an enormous walk-in for $200,000. But for some the splurge is worth it. That's because getting ready in the morning is a ritual. Whether you're heading to a job interview or an important meeting, or you just want to feel confident and energized throughout the day, taking time to pick out the right outfit and wear it well is important.

Having a space that keeps things organized makes this process easier. Here a pullout shelf and brass wall hook let the homeowner display and select his outfit carefully, while rich, sophisticated wood, a Persian-style rug and a tufted foot stool help set the tone for the day.

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