Discover all the amazing uses for cork and products that are made from it. Cork is an impermeable, buoyant, fire-resistant, sound-dampening and ecofriendly bark that's finding a new popularity in today's modern design. Read on for unique ways to use this natural material.

Forget ceramic tile, go for cork! CorkDotz penny round tiles from Modwalls are made from recycled cork stoppers. They can be used for kitchen backsplashes, floor installations, bathroom and ceiling tile. Stunning!

Couture Drum Table/Floor Lamp Shade - $39.00 »

Add a warm glow to a casual or coastal-themed room with this cork drum shade from Ballard Designs.

Technology meets nature with this cork iPad case by Cortizza.

Get your DIY on with this fun and easy cork trivet kit. Arrange your corks in any pattern you like.

Spurge on these Labrazel cork bath accessories from Frontgate. They are hand-crafted in Italy from solid brass, polished chrome and thin layers of cork in a strata pattern.