Maybe he was just looking for a lost contact lens.

When detectives barged into Randy Logan's North Philly apartment on Tuesday - about a week after he was caught on tape allegedly robbing a female Temple University student - they found the longtime petty thief hiding under his bed.

Suffice to say, Logan, 46, was taken into custody without incident and charged with robbery and related offenses.

On April 25, at about 9:15 a.m., the female student was on her way to class as she walked on Warnock Street near Berks on Temple's campus.

She spotted Logan lingering on the corner and tried to walk past him, but he followed her closely, said Lt. James Farmbry of Central Detectives.

"He came behind her and mentioned something about there being a bee on her collar," Farmbry said. "Then he just reached around and grabbed her."

The jarring robbery was caught on tape, giving investigators a clear view of Logan ripping off her necklace, Farmbry said.

Other students are shown on the tape walking by as the student struggled with her attacker.

"No one stopped and helped," Farmbry said. "It was pretty violent. She was lucky."

The student, whom police are not identifying, suffered a minor burn on her cheek from a cigarette Logan had in his hand when he grabbed at her chain.

The surveillance tape and neighborhood tips led investigators to Logan, who lives on 11th Street near Norris.

This was not Logan's first brush with the law. He has been arrested more than a dozen times since 1982, mainly for robbery, theft and simple assault, and has been convicted on a handful of them, court records show. *