THINGS are looking up for

Alycia Lane

. Sources tell us that Lane's attorney,

David Smith

, and the Manhattan District Attorney's Office have agreed to a deal, to be made formal at her Feb. 25 hearing in New York, for an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal, or an ACD.

An ACD, according to New York Criminal Procedure Law, means Lane would get up to six months' probation, after which, if she stays out of trouble, the court would dismiss her case.

Lane, of course, is charged with assaulting an NYPD officer during a Dec. 16 road-rage incident in New York that was first reported by the Daily News on Her attorney has professed that his client never struck the officer and never called her a "f---ing dyke," as an NYPD report alleges.

Neither Smith, nor a spokeswoman for the Manhattan D.A.'s office would discuss whether an agreement toward an ACD had been reached in the Lane matter.

If the agreement is reached and Lane's case is eventually dismissed, it can only help her in her legal action against CBS 3, which fired her Jan. 1 and announced her dismissal on Jan. 7. Lane has not sued the station, but rather has filed court papers seeking documents related to her employment there. The move, called a praecipe to issue writ of summons, is typically a precursor to a lawsuit. *

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