Signe Wilkinson, the

Daily News'

editorial cartoonist, whose deft depictions of the foibles and fallacies of life in our time have both amused and infuriated her subjects for 23 years, has racked up another honor.

Signe, who won a Pulitzer Prize in 1992, has won the 2008 Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Journalism Award for cartooning for the second time. She first won the honor in 2002. Her submissions included her many cartoons about the Philadelphia murder rate. (They can be seen on cartoons.)

The Kennedy awards, known as the "Poor People's Pulitzers," recognize journalists who shed light on issues ranging from child abuse and juvenile crime to discriminatory banking practices and prejudice against AIDS victims.

The awards, established in 1968 by reporters covering Robert F. Kennedy's presidential campaign and assassination, is one of the few in which winners are selected solely by their peers.

Signe, who lives in Philadelphia with her husband, Jon, and has two daughters, joined the Daily News in 1985.

She will be available in the Philadelphia Newspapers' booth at 3 p.m. Saturday at the Free Library's outdoor book festival to sign copies of her "Sex and Sensibility" and "One Nation Under Surveillance." *

-John F. Morrison