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Trucker held me captive, woman says

We met on telephone chat line, she tells cops

A Brooklyn woman told Philadelphia police last night that she was sexually assaulted and held captive by a Philadelphia trucker whom she had arranged to meet earlier in the week, cops said.

The two met at one of the Shore towns in New Jersey, police said.

Police said the woman, 23, said in preliminary interviews that she had been held captive since Tuesday and was sexually assaulted multiple times. She persuaded the driver to release her and, about 4 p.m. yesterday, she left his tractor-trailer at Whitaker Avenue and Roosevelt Boulevard, police said. The woman then called police for help, cops said.

She gave police a description of the truck and its driver, leading them to apprehend him later in the day.

She was examined at Episcopal Hospital. Later, the woman and the alleged attacker were taken to the Special Victims Unit to be interviewed.

Police did not identify the trucker, and no charges had been filed as of last night.

The trucker and the woman met over a telephone chat line, police said.

At first, she voluntarily traveled with the man, but it is unclear at what point she began being held against her will.

The victim accompanied him to various locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey to transport the goods in his tractor-trailer, police said. *