Next year, the Dad Vail Regatta is supposed to officially take place in Rumson, N.J.

But until then, it's still on the 2010 calendar for the Schuylkill Navy - the organization that schedules regattas in Philadelphia.

Dad Vail asked the Schuylkill Navy to hold its spot on the river when news broke last month about its planned move to Rumson, according to Schuylkill Navy Commodore Clete Graham.

"If they're clearly going to Rumson, I don't know why they'd hold the date," he said.

The regatta repeated the request in a letter to him on Tuesday, he said.

Dad Vail Chairman Jack Galloway said that regatta organizers first made the request before they were sure they were moving to Rumson.

"We asked to him to retain it as a contingency, for the holding of the event in case an unforeseen circumstance with Rumson arises," Galloway said.

This was not the first time they have looked for back-up places to hold the regatta, he said.

"The Dad Vail has always been held in Philadelphia," he said. "But from time to time [due to] rain and flooding . . . we considered contingencies that were available if Philadelphia was unrowable."

The Dad Vail is the largest collegiate rowing event in the country, and has been held in Philadelphia since 1953.

Rumson Mayor John Ekdahl said he was not aware that Dad Vail was holding the Schuylkill in reserve.

"I was not aware of that," Ekdahl said. "But that doesn't have any significance."

He said that tomorrow he expected his city council to approve holding the event in Rumson.

U.S. Rep. Bob Brady was also surprised by the "hold" request.

"My recomendation to the mayor, is that if we have something to put on the river, I wouldn't hold that day for an hour," he said.

"We're not a contingency for anyone," he said. "But if they want to talk, we're willing to talk."