Some highlights of the new five-year contract award for the Fraternal Order of Police, which is retroactive and effective until June 30, 2014:

* Wages: Officers get a 3 percent pay increase and a 1 percent stress increase July 1, 2010. They also get a 3 percent increase July 1, 2011.

* Health care: Officers will still have no payroll deduction for benefits. But their co-pay for prescriptions and doctor visits will rise. And the union will shift to a self-insured plan, meaning that the city will soon pay medical bills directly, instead of a per-member fee each month. The union will continue to control their individual health-care fund.

* Pension: No changes for current officers. But new hires will have the option of entering the traditional pension plan at an added cost - 6 percent withheld from their paycheck instead of the current 5 percent - or opting for a hybrid plan that combines a 401(k) with a lower-benefit pension.

* Work rules: The city won the right to implement up to 30 furlough days each year. But the union won a major softening of residency requirements. As of July, all officers in or eligible for the Deferred Retirement Option Plan may move outside the city limits. And in 2012, all officers with five years on the job may move out.

- Catherine Lucey