The conversation between the man and woman inside a Bucks County eatery in October went from a lighthearted chat about dogs and family to raunchy talk of anal sex and threesomes - in less than 10 minutes.

Officer Michael Brady, with the Bensalem Township Police Department, was undercover as "Bob" when he met Susan Finkelstein, who was "adamant" about getting Phillies World Series tickets, he testified yesterday during the first day of her trial. The former public-relations specialist faces prostitution charges for allegedly trying to trade sex for the tickets.

Finkelstein "said she was interested in anal sex and she brought lube with her if I wanted that," Brady said under oath when questioned by Assistant District Attorney Steven Jones.

"She was adamant about getting this ticket," Brady testified.

When Finkelstein, 44, learned of another ticket that Bob's "brother" had, she said the siblings could "DP" her, Brady said. "DP" is short for "double penetration," he explained.

The first day of trial saw the prosecution rest after testimony by Brady; his Special Investigations Unit supervisor, Sgt. Robert Bugsch; and Bensalem Police Officer Gregory Smith.

Bugsch had contacted Finkelstein through her infamous Craigslist ad - "DESPERATE BLONDE NEEDS WS TIX" - and after some sexually charged exchanges between the two, he planned to meet her at Manny Brown's in Neshaminy Mall, according to testimony. He sent Brady to pose as the ticket-holder.

Bugsch testified that he found her ad by typing in "blonde" into the Craigslist search engine.

In his opening statement, Jones told the jury that "the facts of this case are simple and uncomplicated." He introduced a condom that was found in Finkelstein's purse and nude photos of her that she e-mailed to Bugsch before the Oct. 26 meeting. No lubricant was found in the purse.

Finkelstein's attorney, William J. Brennan, dialed up the theatrics in Judge Albert J. Cepparulo's courtroom in Doylestown during his cross-examinations and opening statement. He was expected to present the defense case today.

"If a prostitute deals in Phillies World Series tickets, her shelf life is about as long as Haley's Comet," Brennan told the jury in his opening, referring to the infrequency of the team's last three appearances in the fall classic, 1993, 2008 and 2009.

"If she is in the business of prostitution, is she just open in October? . . . So she's just open in the Octobers when we have [the Phillies] in the World Series?" he asked. "That business is not open very often."

Brennan wondered why Bensalem police were on the hunt in Philly.

"Is Bensalem so crime-free that the Bensalem police can go on the Internet?" he asked.

"The commonwealth wants you to believe Sgt. Bugsch, in a hunt to track down crime, types in 'blonde,' sees this ad and says, 'I better get on this.' "