Yeadon police are asking for help in identifying a brazen stickup artist who can't seem to stay away from the 7-Eleven on Church Lane.

Police in the Delaware County municipality believe that the bandana-wearing bandit - described as a light-skinned black male, about 6 feet tall, medium build, and clad in a blue hoodie, jeans and white sneakers - has struck the same convenience store three times since late March.

The most recent robbery occurred Monday morning, when the fast-moving thief entered the 7-Eleven, his semiautomatic handgun drawn, leaped over the counter and forced the clerk to open the cash register.

"He comes in and basically uses his elbows to roll over the counter," said Yeadon Detective Sgt. David Splain.

After grabbing the cash, "he does a barrel-roll over the counter, and out the door he goes," Splain said. "We don't have any physical evidence left behind."

Splain said that it doesn't appear that the man - he drives a dark, late-model, four-door sedan to the robberies - is hitting other stores in the area, but appears fixated on the Yeadon 7-Eleven, perhaps because security is not as tight as locations in Philadelphia.

"We've obtained no information that there are any similar-type jobs," he said. "We're just looking for the public's help right now."

Police said they have no leads on the man's identity, but have video of him walking up to the store, stealing the money and leaving in the car parked behind the store.

Whenever they catch him, though, a judge will be nearby for the arraignment. Yeadon district court is just across the street.

Tipsters should call Yeadon police at 610-259-1228 or 610-623- 1500, or e-mail tips@yeadonpd. org.