Two Upper Darby teenagers left a 34-year-old man, whom they kicked into a coma Friday, with a horrible reminder of their assault - a sneaker imprint on his forehead, police said.

The victim, an Upper Darby resident, was walking home from a bar about 1:25 a.m. Friday when he encountered 19-year-old Jeremiah Alexander, a 16-year-old girl and an unidentified third man, on Lamport Road near Marshall, in Upper Darby, police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said.

Either words were exchanged or the victim accidentally bumped Alexander or the teenage girl, whose name was not released, and a vicious attack from the two ensued, Chitwood said.

"It starts out as a disrespect thing and moves to a robbery real quick," Chitwood said, "but the brutality of it all is astonishing."

Chitwood said that Alexander sucker punched the victim and knocked him to the ground.

Once the man was down, Alexander kicked him unconscious with the work boots he had on, and the girl stomped on his forehead so hard that she left imprints with her sneakers, police said.

After the man was unconscious, the teens went through his pockets, according to police.

He had no money, but the two stole his cell phone, Chitwood said.

The victim was taken to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania with critical injuries and was, as of yesterday, still in a coma.

Alexander and the juvenile girl were captured shortly after the attack at a playground in East Lansdowne, Chitwood said.

When they were taken into custody, the girl had the victim's cell phone on her and Alexander had a small amount of marijuana on him, according to police.

The third man who was with Alexander and the girl was not charged in the attack, Chitwood said.

Both Alexander and the girl were charged with aggravated assault, robbery and related offenses.

Alexander remains in Delaware County Prison in lieu of $50,000 bail, and the girl remains in custody at the county's juvenile detention center, in Lima, Chitwood said.