LOCAL celebri-philes, rejoice! The Sheen has officially landed.

Charlie Sheen's nonstop Magical Meltdown Tour made a couple of stops in Philly when the actor called in to radio station Wired 96.5 on Thursday and yesterday to chat about what he knows best: Charlie.

Wired got ahold of Sheen by hiring a plane to fly a banner over his Beverly Hills pad that read "Charlie Sheen Philly's Wired 96.5 u - Call us 4 ur next role."

He did, providing us with another glimpse of a rare phenomenon: a celebrity working without a net.

On Thursday, he called Kannon, who holds down the mic at Wired 96.5 during the afternoon shift and serves as the station's program director. Kannon dreamed up the plane stunt on Monday - how very downa-shore of him - and sent his promotions team into action.

After he got in some chat time, Kannon asked Sheen to call morning man Chio the following day. "Lo and behold and 9 o'clock on the dot it was him," Kannon tells Lady Tattle. "The man kept his word." (That was 6 a.m. California time.)

Sheen was impressed with the station's enterprise. "You hatched this brainstorm like the Vatican assassins that you are, and so figured that if we fly it over his house, he has to call us," Sheen told Kannon.

Kannon said that Sheen seemed lucid. "I think this is how he is," Kannon said. "I don't want to say this is a planned thing, but I think he's a legitimately out-there character and he's tried so long to hide this side of himself and he's going to uncork it and let it go.

"The man is on his own planet right now and he's loving it."

Chio reiterated several times that he was on Team Charlie and was there to give him a platform, rather than attack him about, say, his history of verbally and physically abusing women.

Sheen was happy to have a platform because prime-time spots on two major networks, cable news channels and a direct line to fans on Twitter is clearly not enough for this narcissist. He was so happy, in fact, that he called Wired back after speaking with Chio and talked with morning-show producer Joey B. for "seven, eight minutes," according to Chio. "He wanted a copy of the interview and talked about how much he loves his kids," he added. Sheen also said that Wired was now part of his "inner circle."

During Sheen's Chio chat, Fox29 reporter Jennaphr Frederick, who was in the radio studio, jumped in and asked Sheen why he has so many Philly connections, including references to Allen Iverson.

"Let's just say that, cosmically, things arranged themselves to direct me to this entity that is Philadelphia," Sheen said.

* Danny Bonaduce, a former "Partridge Family" member and current host of the morning show at 94.1 WYSP, not only knows what it's like to have an all-too-honest relationship with the media (see his suicide attempt on VH1 reality show "Breaking Bonaduce"), but also used to cross paths with Sheen during their epic party days a couple of decades ago.

Bonaduce shared some fond memories, such as the time Sheen was nabbed for visiting Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss. How was he caught? He wrote his prostitute a check. "Which begs the question: What do you put in the memo box?"

When Bonaduce was chilling with Charlie, there was no talk of "winning" or "Vatican assassins." These Sheenisms are relatively new, but Bonaduce agrees with Charlie on one point. He's winning. "Until something kills him, I have to give him the edge," Bonaduce said.

But Bonaduce, a former addict himself, offers these words of wisdom to his old pal. "I would have had advice for him days ago, but he's beyond my advice being helpful," said Bonaduce. "He's a bigger star than when he was just 'Two and a Half Men' Charlie Sheen. He's arguably the biggest star in America right now. Everything he touches turns to gold. All of these TV doctor guys say he's hit rock-bottom."

With a $20 million house and two women - porn star Bree Olson (a/k/a Rachel Oberlin) and model Natalie Kenly - living with him, Bonaduce asked, "If that's rock-bottom, how do I get on the guest list?"

* The Roots' ?uestlove got into the act on Thursday, too, during "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," where his crew is the resident house band. ?uestlove remixed several clips of Sheen on his current media tour. A clip can be seen at latenightwithjimmyfallon.com.

* Last month, Charlie hosted a screening of his classic 1989 baseball comedy "Major League," in which he played Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn, and invited former Phillie Lenny Dykstra, who is no stranger to the public crash-and-burn himself. Dykstra later called the "Dan Patrick Show" to tell guest host Howard Eskin that Sheen wants Nails to coach him on a possible fourth "Major League." Dykstra said that Sheen is "en fuego" and that it's easy to get a "Major League" viewing party started when "you start sending private jets all over the place picking people up."

Dykstra has hung extensively with Sheen, including accompanying him on the infamous Alex Jones interview, during which Sheen publicly called out "Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre for the first time.

Also at the screening, which we're picturing as a slumber party, were Todd Zeile and Kenny Lofton, who had the honor of wearing the Phillies uniform for a short time. Pete Rose was also invited but, unfortunately, Charlie Hustle couldn't make it.

* Can't get enough Sheen over the tubes? Sirius/XM will broadcast 24 hours of all-Charlie radio on a station called Tiger Blood Radio from 6 a.m. today until 6 a.m. tomorrow.


 A plea to our Twitter feed: OK, we get it. You follow Charlie Sheen (@charliesheen) on Twitter and you think he's all types of hilarious. Sheen's happy about it. He told Chio, "It seems as if at this stage of my tsunami, this has to be the next move."

So you tweet about him and re-tweet about him and add a "winning" hashtag to your tweet about coming out of the dentist cavity-free. But, know what? Our mom also follows Charlie Sheen. So do some of our co-workers. And our dry cleaner. And that dude we randomly decided to follow because he was looking fine in his profile pic. Charlie got a million followers in 25 hours and 17 minutes. He has a Guinness-certified world record to prove it.

As of late, our feed has become inundated with Sheen. If it's not quotes from the Man Himself, it's people complaining about too much Sheen in their morning Twitter. It's meta run amok.

But there are ways to break from the Sheenanity. Twitter has a function that blocks users, weeding out any unwanted Sheen re-tweets. Even better, third-party clients, like Tweetdeck, can filter out certain words, such as "tiger blood."