LAST WEEK, Butt Buster, voice of the pothole-plagued public, blasted the Streets Department for spending two years ignoring the head-banging Misery Mile of Market Street under the rebuilt El from 46th to 63rd streets. The department promised to start fixing it by June and resurface it by 2012.

So this week, South Philly's most dangerously ravaged roadway replaces West Philly's Misery Mile at the top of Butt Buster's Pit List.

SHAME ON STREETS DEPT.: Following a phone call from Darren Berry, a city hospital worker, Butt Buster counted an astounding 25 potholes on the heavily traveled stretch of Passyunk Avenue between 25th and 28th streets. This front-end-bending, alignment-annihilating nightmare in all eastbound and westbound lanes appears to have been festering through years of Streets Department neglect.

If you take the Oregon/Passyunk exit off eastbound I-76, you are taking your car's life in your hands. The road is so riddled with potholes that what's left of the sedan-snuffing surface seems to be crumbling in front of your eyes.

Shame on the Streets Department for allowing this major car and truck artery to disintegrate so dramatically that it's a danger to hundreds of drivers every day - as well as a merciless wallet whacker. Hello? Streets Department? Anybody home?

MESSING ON KINGSESSING: Lily Hanson of Southwest Philadelphia phoned in a posse of piggish potholes on Kingsessing Avenue near 49th Street - four strut busters plus a fifth rimmed with rusted steel that leers up at approaching tires with a Jack Nicholson "He-e-e-re's Johnny!" grin. Hello? Streets Department? Got asphalt?

YOUR RIBS ON A SPIT? Rib lovers making a right turn off southbound Columbus Boulevard near Dilworth Street to eat at Famous Dave's BBQ might suddenly feel as if their own ribs just got skewered when their front end hits a monster pothole.

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