WHEN HER teenage son caught her having sex with his 15-year-old friend and the son reported the incident to school officials, Terri Mezzatesta came up with a wild story, police said.

Mezzatesta, who is 5 feet 9 and 260 pounds, claimed that she was passed out drunk and unaware that the 15-year-old was having sex with her, police said.

But cops didn't buy it because, according to her 14-year-old son - who'd allegedly heard his mother say, "Right there, baby" during the act - it was consensual.

Mezzatesta, 34, waived her preliminary hearing Tuesday on statutory sexual assault, corruption of minors and related charges.

Court documents of Mezzatesta's alleged crimes tell a sordid tale that includes wine coolers, pot and sexting.

On Nov. 12, the young boy with whom Mezzatesta allegedly had sex had come to her Upper Chichester home to hang out with his friend. According to interviews with that boy, police said that Mezzatesta smoked marijuana with him and her son for about two hours before her son passed out in his bedroom.

The teen said that he and Mezzatesta then watched television in the living room and that she bought him wine coolers, according to police.

While on the couch, Mezzatesta allegedly asked the boy if she could perform oral sex on him, an offer he accepted.

One thing led to another and the boy engaged in intercourse with Mezzatesta, during which she yelled the explicit exclamations, police said. That awoke her son, who entered the living room and allegedly saw an image he will probably never forget.

The son then punched his friend in the face and told him to leave. The boy did so, but he returned to Mezzatesta's house later that night and was allowed to stay.

Because the teen friend's phone was broken, Mezzatesta's son allowed him to borrow his phone for several days after the incident, police said. When Mezzatesta's son got his phone back, he saw sexual text messages between his friend and his mother, according to court documents.

That's when he reported the incident to school officials and police were called in to investigate.

Mezzatesta allegedly told police that she'd had five "mixed vodka" drinks that night, passed out on the couch and awoke to her son's friend on top of her.