Oshgie Ehigianusoi

Age: 24

Where ya from? 48th and Baltimore

Where he grew up: Atlanta. Lived in Philly four years.

What he does: DJ

What brought him to Philly: "Records. I collect records. Philly's a great place for that because it's got a history of soul and funk. Those records been here for a long time, and lot of people in the area have a background of buying and keeping those records. So I come out here and purchase them and go spin."

What's different about life up here? "You see I'm wearing this coat and this hat. I wouldn't be like that in Atlanta. When you wake up in the morning in Atlanta, that's how it's gonna be all day. And another thing is the people. The people are a lot nicer down in Atlanta because we have space."

What's the ideal Philly weekend? "My idea is to wake up, listen to music and burn something. Barbecue, play some music and hit up some friends. Just get out now that it's warm. Anything outdoors, go down to the river, go canoeing, go down to Bartram's, just walk around and get away from everybody."

- Jad Sleiman