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At 83, leery of online banking

Should reader use automatic payment for credit-card bills?

DEAR HARRY: One of my chief financial concerns is having control of my finances.

I have set up a will, legal and medical powers of attorney, etc., through a lawyer who specializes in elder law. I'm still leery of online banking because of the security risk, the risk of errors, the possibility of getting confused.

I am nearing 83 years old and feel that I'm slowing down. I'm thinking of setting up an automatic-payment plan to handle my monthly credit-card bill. For years, I have had direct deposit for my Social Security and my pension, as well as automatic payments for all my bills other than my credit card. This has made it easy for my children when I've been hospitalized. Do you see any reason that I should not do the same with my credit-card bills?

WHAT HARRY SAYS: Call me a Luddite if you will. I like direct deposit, but I do not like unknown people at both ends of a payment from my account. However, you have been doing this for some time with other bills, and you're apparently happy with what you've seen. Credit-card automatic payments should fare just as well.

Just verify that the bills paid are legitimate and correct.

To add another point in favor of the payment: Both of our families have been doing it for years with no adverse consequences.