* John "Johnny Chang" Ciancaglini

Age: 59

Association: Merlino

Activity: Convicted of racketeering in 2001 Merlino trial. Ran a newsstand on Packer Avenue outside Chickie's & Pete's. Spotted with Merlino last year at Havana Nights Cigar Bar & Lounge in Boca Raton.

* Steven Mazzone

Age: 50

Association: Merlino

Activity: Former underboss also convicted in 2001 case. Got six months' house arrest in 2010 for associating with mobsters at the Saloon while on probation. Apparently worked as a trainer at a gym.

* Philip Narducci

Age: 52

Association: Scarfo

Activity: Described as a coldhearted killer when he was a young man. Spent decades in prison. Claims to have reformed, but law-enforcement doubts it. Family owns Philip's Steaks on Passyunk Avenue. Might not get along with Merlino's allies.

* Joseph "Uncle Joe" Ligambi

Age: 75

Association: Multiple

Activity: Reputedly took over as acting boss after Joey Merlino was arrested in 1999. Prefers not to attract attention. Believed to be semiretired, possibly serving as consigliere. Beat racketeering cases in 2013 and 2014, but spent 32 months in federal custody in the process.

- William Bender