What: The 113th Penn Relays.

When: Tomorrow through Saturday.

Where: Franklin Field, 34th and Civic Center Boulevard. Running events contested at stadium, field events on lower field south of stadium.

Tickets: General admission: $14, Thursday; $14

Friday; $25 (Thursday-Friday); $20, Saturday

Web site: For schedule, reserved seating and other information, visit www.thepennrelays.com

Name game: As usual, the entries are full of familar and unique monikers. There's a Fabian, Dion, Sherlock, Baskerville, Pocus, Napoleon, Mandela, Verdi, Athena, Hercules, Adonis, Caesar and et tu Brutus. There's also a Cashmere, Princess, Precious, Kiss and Innocent. No Guilty.

Longest name: We have a tie with 22 letters each: Najia Singleton-McKinnon of Colonia Central High School and Shakeya Ladson-Singleton of Norristown High. Gwantaveous Anderson of Clemson and Mphamvu Kalengamairo are jealous with only 19 letters each.

Crowd: The first crowd numbered 5,000 at April 21, 1895 meet. There will be 22,000 entries for this year's meet and attendance is expected to top 100,000 for the third year in a row.

Weather: Unfortunately rain is in the forecast tomorrow through Friday. Fortunately it's an all-weather track.