Oakland will set the tone at No.1 and will influence the trading strategy of possibly a half dozen teams.

Potential trades

It's known that Detroit is looking to move down from the No. 2 pick. The Lions could still get the player they are targeting (

Gaines Adams, Joe Thomas

?) by trading down and also receive extra draft choices.

Tampa Bay at No. 4, may be looking to move up to the No. 2 spot.

Washington has only one first-day pick and just five overall, so the Redskins may look to trade the No. 6 overall pick for extra selections.

Denver at No. 21 could be looking to move up.

Players such as Kansas City QB Trent Green, Oakland WR Randy Moss,and San Diego RB Michael Turner are likely to be traded, if not this weekend, then sometime. Look for more than usual trade activity.

Where's the strength?

This is a draft heavy at the top with wide receivers, led by Georgia Tech's

Calvin Johnson.

It's possible that four to five receivers could be selected in the first round. The draft is also strong in cornerbacks, and defensive ends, where four of each could be first-round selections.

What about a weakness?

This is a weak draft for tight ends, and it's possible that Miami's

Greg Olsen

could be the only first-rounder. There may not be an offensive guard selected in the first round, unless Auburn's

Ben Grubbs

slips in. There are rarely many highly drafted centers, and USC's

Ryan Kalil

is the only one in the draft with first-round potential.

What conference is best?

For what it's worth, The Inquirer's mock draft on Friday had 10 players going in the first round from the Southeastern Conference.

Toughest to handicap

Ted Ginn Jr., WR, Ohio State. On pure talent he is a top 10 choice, but there are injury concerns.

Paul Posluszny, LB, Penn State. He's been projected to go anywhere from No. 15 to Pittsburgh to the second round. One worry is whether he has peaked as a player.

Dwyane Jarrett, WR, USC. When the season ended he was considered a top 10 pick and now some who are worried about a lack of speed are predicting the second round.

Best player in the draft

Calvin Johnson

, WR, Georgia Tech. While other "can't miss" prospects have missed, it's hard to see him not becoming a Pro Bowl player.

Best under the radar

LeRon Landry

, S, LSU. This could be your NFL defensive rookie of the year.

- Marc Narducci