So,how do you think a game would end if one team had Ron Jaworski at quarterback, Wilbert Montgomery at running back and Dick Vermeil on the sideline and the other had Rodney Peete at QB, Ricky Watters at RB and Ray Rhodes calling the shots.

If you favored the first group, you would be right.

In Game 1 of the "Best of the Nest," aired last night on WIP (610-AM), the 1980 Eagles beat the 1995 Eagles, 21-7, at Veterans Stadium.

"Best of the Nest" is a fantasy tournament of the six best teams in Eagles history. The Game 1 matchup was played 300 times on the NFL simulation program run by All the games on WIP and recapped here represent the average result of those 300 games.

Back to Game 1 . . .

In the computer game, Jaworski was named player of the game as he went 19-for-30 for 221 yards and three touchdowns, two to No. 85, Charlie "Homeboy" Smith, and one to Montgomery.

The lone '95 Eagles score came when Watters put away the occasional alligator arms and hauled in a 33-yard touchdown pass from Peete.

Humorous moment: WIP's Joe Conklin, impersonating Eagles play-by-play man Stan Walters, admitting that 1995 defensive end William Fuller picked up a sack by victimizing the 1980 Eagles left tackle . . . Stan Walters.

Game 2 is tonight at 8 o'clock on Glen Macnow's show on WIP and recapped here in tomorrow's Daily News. It matches up the Buddy Ryan-coached 1988 Eagles team that lost a playoff game at Chicago in the famed Fog Bowl against the Andy Reid-coached 2004 Eagles team that reached the Super Bowl.

The title game will air at noon Saturday during a show hosted by Macnow and Ray Didinger.

Then, in Monday's paper, look for a special column from Daily News alum Didinger on the greatest teams in Eagles history and the winners of the WIP-Daily News "Best of the Nest" contest. *