This time, the cuts were official.

That, however, doesn't mean the Eagles' 53-man roster is final.

After a snafu on the team Web site Friday inadvertently, and in five cases incorrectly, identified the names of 22 released players, the Eagles went through the exercise for real yesterday.

Two of the biggest names on the initial cut list - punter Dirk Johnson and returner Jeremy Bloom - remained on the official one, too.

The five guys who were on the Web site list but not actually released by the team were rookies Akeem Jordan, Marcus Paschal and Nick Graham, veteran defensive tackle Ian Scott and second-year offensive tackle Pat McCoy.

On the flip side, rookies Jeremy Clark, Rashad Barksdale, and C.J. Gaddis, and second-year players Bill Sampy and Tank Daniels did not make the cut. Eagles general manager Tom Heckert dismissed the confusion as "not a big deal."

"The guys we were going to release, they knew," Heckert said. "The other guys didn't know anything, so that's really a good-news type thing. I did talk to a few guys and let them know [they made the team]. The guys that were on there who are on our team, they weren't too upset about it."

Heckert also made it clear that it's possible the Eagles could make another roster move after the team examines the list of players released by other NFL teams.

"I'm not going to sit here and say this is going to be our final 53," Heckert said. "There are a lot of cuts that are going to happen [last night], and we'll see what happens [today]."

The most obvious thing the Eagles could still be looking for is a guy who can handle both punt and kickoff returns, a job they had hoped would be claimed by Bloom.

"Right now, unless something changes in the next 24 hours, we'll have Greg [Lewis] doing punts and [Correll Buckhalter] doing kicks," Heckert said. "Jeremy, I think his first game he did a pretty good job, and after that, he just never really produced."

Heckert said the most difficult decision was cutting Johnson because the Eagles believed he had punted well in his competition with Australian Sav Rocca.

"I think Dirk will be punting for somebody, probably next week," Heckert said. "It was a very even competition. We decided to go with Sav because everybody knows he has a big-time leg. His really good punts are really good, and his bad punts aren't bad, either. If everything was equal, I think the upside on Sav was probably a little bit more."

One of the most interesting things about the cuts was that the Eagles' final two secondary positions went to two undrafted rookies instead of the two drafted ones. Paschal, an undrafted rookie out of Iowa, beat out Gaddis, a fifth-round pick from Clemson, for the fourth safety spot; Nick Graham, an undrafted rookie from Tulsa, beat out Barksdale, a sixth-round pick from Albany.

Running back Nate Ilaoa was also cut, leaving tight end Brent Celek, a fifth-round selection, as the Eagles' only second-day draft pick to make the squad. Akeem Jordan, a linebacker from James Madison, was the third undrafted rookie to make yesterday's cut.

"All of these guys that are undrafted free agents, we have draftable grades on them," Heckert said. "There are points in the draft where we're thinking about taking these guys. At the end of the draft every year, we have maybe 15 guys that we think are draftable still up on the board, and those are the guys we're going after.

"We look at it like we have two guys who could have been drafted in the fifth round that are competing against each other. Just because we got one in the fifth round and one as a free agent, we graded them fairly similar coming out."

The Eagles, for the second straight year, kept 10 offensive and 10 defensive linemen. Heckert said the decision to keep 10 offensive linemen had nothing to do with guard Shawn Andrews' questionable status for the season opener in Green Bay a week from today. In fact, Heckert said Andrews is expected to practice with the team tomorrow for the first time since the embryonic stages of training camp at Lehigh University. Andrews has been sidelined for nearly a month by a severe right-ankle sprain.

"It's the same situation we were in last year," Heckert said. "Really, nothing has changed from last year. We think the five guys behind our starters have a chance to be starters in the NFL."

As for the 10 defensive linemen, two of the defensive tackles - Scott and LaJuan Ramsey - have been bothered by injuries during most of the preseason. Scott, in fact, never played in a preseason game because of a problem with his left knee, and Ramsey missed the final three games with a high ankle sprain.

"It's unfortunate for us we didn't get to see [Scott] play," Heckert said. "We saw him last year, and he was a good player. We're still looking at that and, hopefully, we can get him back on the field here. Defensive-line wise, we kept 10 again this year, and we have the guys to fill in there until he is ready."

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