It's not easy being a prime performer in two varsity sports while also maintaining top-shelf grades.

"It's all about time management," Andrew Goodman said.

Funny he should mention that.

Saturday at J. Birney Crum Stadium in Allentown, George Washington largely got blitzed, 44-12, by a local squad, Parkland, in a PIAA Class AAAA state quarterfinal.

But the very last play, run in frenzy mode, did produce a touchdown on an 8-yard pass from Aaron Wilmer, the backup quarterback, to Goodman, a 6-foot, 170-pound senior.

"We were in a no-huddle," Goodman said. "The play was 'Run whatever route you can.' I did a slant, left to right, and made the catch in front of the defender.

"That meant a lot. They had us down, 44-0. But we put together a nice drive [of 89 yards], and got a touchdown [on Wilmer's 5-yard pass to his brother, Damien], then we recovered the onside kick and went down again to score. At least we left on a positive note."

Goodman finished the season with 23 catches for 575 yards (25.0 average) and six TDs. His stats were only part of his value. Also a co-captain, Goodman was extremely popular, and large numbers of kids often chanted his name, "An-drew Good-man! An-drew Good-man!"

"All my best friends," he quipped.

He added, "The night before the Public League championship game, they came to my house to make signs. How many 'best' friends do I have? About four, I guess. The rest are all my closest friends."

As early as today, Goodman, a combo guard, could be representing the basketball Eagles in a game at Overbrook.

"I haven't talked to my coach [Calvin Jones] yet," he said, "but if he'll let me suit up, I'd love to do it.

"I like to play basketball better, but at our school, football is a lot more glamorous. It's the big sport. People like it more. Talk about it more.

"I love being a receiver. Running the pattern. Challenging the cornerback. Catching the ball. That's when it just starts, really. Because then you're trying to run for yards. I had mostly all long plays this years. I love helping the team."

Goodman, who lives in Somerton, earns straight A's and ranks eighth among 450-odd seniors. His current SAT score is 1,120. He's thinking about Lafayette, Georgetown or Temple, and the first two are checking him out for football.

"I hope I can keep playing," he said. "Books and sports. Good mix."

Down the line, he hopes to own a business. Variety TBA.

"That's why I'm going to college. To see what intrigues me," he said. *