I'M ON A ROLL, zigging when the Eagles zag; I thought they'd get blown away at New

England, and that they'd find a way to get past Seattle. I'm picking the Giants this time, based on the fact that they really get after the passer, and that Donovan McNabb has struggled against pressure this season. I really have no idea what to expect from

McNabb, who seemed as ice-cold and confused as I've ever seen him when he left the Miami game 3 weeks back with a sprained ankle. Before that, McNabb really was making progress, even if all anybody ever seemed to notice were the throws that missed.

You can certainly make a case for the Birds winning this game, especially since they absolutely must do so, whereas the Giants probably have a wild-card spot locked up. At this point, though, I'm not sure I can imagine anything good happening for McNabb with this team. I'm not sure he can, either.


Giants 16, Eagles 13.