Sideline reporter Pam Oliver of Fox strongly defended her in-game report about Donovan McNabb yesterday, which said, among other things, that the Eagles quarterback "seems to believe that his days in Philadelphia are numbered" and that "he sees an organization distancing itself from him."

Asked about Oliver's report after the Eagles' 10-6 upset of the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, McNabb denied he made any such statements.

"I don't feel that way," McNabb said. "I've said I want to be here eight more, nine more years, if that's possible. We'll see."

Oliver had a brief conversation with McNabb on Sunday as he warmed up with backup quarterback A.J. Feeley before the game.

"I made contact with him and asked if he was interested in talking or not," Oliver said. "I asked him how he was doing and how difficult the year had been. He proceeded with a whole lot of information that he completely volunteered. He was putting his opinion out there about everything.

"I'm a little shocked and dumbfounded that it has all been denied. I can't believe it, and I don't understand it."

Oliver said she did not try to contact McNabb about his denial yesterday.

"Right now, smoke is still coming out of my ears," she said.

Oliver said that McNabb volunteered a lot of information about his situation as she started walking away from him, and that she actually toned down some of the information in an effort to avoid controversy.

"I was backing away to leave and he said, 'I know that the next place I go, I will win, and I will have a smile on my face the whole time,' " Oliver said.

In her report for Fox, she said, "Donovan told me point-blank: 'My knee is not an issue. The next place I go, I will win,' and also that he will keep a smile on his face for as long as he's in an Eagles uniform."

"Everything he said, I'm convinced he meant to say," Oliver said yesterday. "The wording in my report, I was trying to do him a favor and trying not to cause controversy. The controversy turns out to be him denying the whole thing. He feels wronged by the organization. That was the gist of the conversation. I don't think that's news to anybody who has been able to get him away from the microphones. He's a sensitive person. I guess he needs whatever he needs."

McNabb declined to respond to Oliver's latest comments.