EIGHT MONTHS AGO, the Texas High School Baseball Coaches Association booked Roger Clemens to speak at its annual convention in Waco in January.

The idea, said association president Jim Long, was to have Clemens talk about "what he did on a daily basis that kept him in shape."

The association is having second thoughts now that the Mitchell Report alleges that steroids and human growth hormones might have been part of Clemens' regimen.

The group is planning to hold a meeting today to see if it still wants the seven-time Cy Young Award winner to speak.

"A dark cloud has been put over Roger's head and 99.9 percent of the media says he's guilty even though he says he's innocent," said Long, the coach at Brenham High School, located about 70 miles northwest of Houston. "That presents a problem for our association. It has to come first over a player or coach."

The group intends to decide by 3 p.m. today.

Clemens' agent, Randy Hendricks, did not immediately return phone calls from the Associated Press seeking comment on the situation. Previously, Clemens - through his lawyer - denied ever taking performance-enhancing drugs.

Long said the group is not jumping to conclusions. It should be noted, however, that Clemens' name does not appear on the convention agenda on the group's Web site.

Steelers fan to the end, literally

Richard Desrosiers always wanted to go to

Heinz Field to watch the Steelers play.

Sunday he got his wish. Sort of.

His widow, Kathleen Desrosiers, 60, brought an urn with some of his ashes to the game against Jacksonville, along with pictures of him.

Desrosiers lived in Exeter, N.H., but latched onto the Steelers as a youngster. He died of a brain tumor in March.

"I couldn't take the tumor away . . . I couldn't make him better. But I can do this," his widow told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. *

-Tom Mahon

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