In response to recent violence, the athletic departments and administrations of Burlington Township High School and Willingboro High School postponed the boys' and girls' basketball games between their schools scheduled for Tuesday.

The boys were to play at Burlington, the girls at Willingboro.

The decision stemmed from the rumor of retaliation at either the boys' or girls' game due to a fight early Sunday at International Skate Center in Mount Laurel, according to a statement given to the Associated Press from Burlington Township Police Department Lt. Wayne Maver. Two men were shot and four stabbed. One of the shooting victims was a 21-year-old Willingboro man, the Burlington County Times reported.

"It's not a league game, but it's a local school rivalry that my girls really wanted to participate in," said Burlington girls' coach Jason Williams. "Obviously, safety is the No. 1 concern, but it's a shame that even though they had nothing to do with the situation [at the party], it comes back to affect them."

A decision has not been made as to when or if the games will be made up, but it will be at the discretion of both schools and police departments. *

- Kerith Gabriel